Now that you understand what is creating your chronic airway-digestive inflammatory disease (CAID) symptoms and have investigated the different treatment alternatives, it’s time to put the lessons of this site to the test. The first step is to discuss your findings with your physician, either your primary-care doctor or an ear, nose, and throat (ENT) doctor (otolaryngologist) who specializes in sinus disease. If you find that he or she is not responsive to the treatment plans outlined in this site, it may be that your doctor is not fully informed on the latest treatments and technologies. Science and medicine are ever-changing, and it’s perfectly understandable that we all can stand to learn more about our specialties. However, if you find that your doctor is not willing to investigate these treatment modalities, you may want to find another doctor who is more willing to work with you and with these new medical theories. If your physician responds negatively to your newfound knowledge or is obviously uncomfortable working with a patient who is well educated about his or her disease, it’s another clear signal that it’s time to move on.

Once you’ve found the right physician, you may need to develop a team of specialists for you to achieve maximum health. This team will be formed to treat your individual symptoms, but may include both
traditional and Eastern specialists. Again, look back to your results on the CAID Quiz (p. 70). If you scored particularly high in one area besides the general sinus disease section, make sure that you are including a competent specialist in that field: allergist, pulmonologist, or gastroenterologist. There are ENTs who specialize in these subspecialties, as well as sleep disorders and sleep apnea, and some who fully understand the complexities brought about by mold.

Once your team is in place, your treatment plan should be developed, with everyone on the team onboard. CAID is no less serious than high blood pressure, obesity, and other persistent illnesses: It needs to be managed daily. Your treatment will include all of the various aspects of the five-step plan. By following these five steps every day, you should be able to achieve lasting health.

Sinus Tips:
If smoking was your last obstacle, consider that you have taken the first step to get out from under its curse. In fact, just by reading this site, you have taken many, many steps
My position on smoking is clear: You need to quit. However, I know that quitting any addiction is easier said than done. If you currently smoke, clearing up your sinus disease once
Simply being around cigarette smoke or smoking yourself may be part of your problem. Nothing makes my blood boil more than meeting a CAID sufferer who smokes. We all know that smok
If you have begun following the instructions and guidelines in this site, you may already be feeling better. Don’t discount your hard work. Change is often both difficult and fru
I cannot stress this enough: If your traditional or holistic practitioner prescribed medication, take the entire prescription. Do not stop taking medication just because you feel b
Depending on your particular issues, review the necessary categorys that include information about food and CAID. categorys 10 and 11 outline nutritional information and foods that
This initial hit of inflammation would probably lead you to believe that you had come down with a simple cold.