Take care of your sinuses through proper irrigation


I cannot stress enough how important irrigation is. Follow the directions given in category 4 every day. Saline nasal spray, the neti pot, and nasal irrigation instruments are very effective. Most of my patients find the procedure for using these instruments to be relatively simple and straightforward, and they seem to love the feeling of clean sinuses thereafter. Daily use of the proper technique yields the best results.

I have had some patients who resisted using nasal irrigation. Some claim that they are afraid to put something in their nose and others are lazy. But without exception, every single patient who has agreed to try using one of these in my office, now uses them on a daily basis. My good friend Gerry, who has been a patient for more than 15 years, finally agreed to try to use the nasal irrigator last year. He came into the office and I went over the technique with him. Since that day, he uses the irrigator daily. He tells me that he loves it and wishes that he started using it years ago. His sinuses are much better as a result.

Whichever method you choose, make sure you give yourself ample time to fully irrigate your sinuses, and then do the stretching exercises so that the irrigation drains completely. Choose a location where you
will be able to privately drain your sinuses and then clean up. I find it best to do nasal irrigation in the bathroom during my morning and evening routines. I usually do this at the sink, just before going into the shower (do not use the nasal irrigator in the shower - electric appliances should never be in the shower). I also keep an irrigator at work, and when my sinuses get bad I irrigate in the office bathroom.

In no time you’ll quickly learn to master the technique, and once you do, it will come as easily to you as brushing your teeth. Oddly, I often feel that I’m addicted to the procedure, because I feel so much better after I’ve completed the routine. Immediately, I can breathe easier, my voice is less hoarse, and my throat clearing disappears. As I highlighted earlier, since my surgery, I snore only when I suffer from a bad sinus flare-up. During these bad infections, my wife tells me that my snoring typically disappears if I do my irrigation right before I go to bed. Nasal irrigation is an easy way for you to control your symptoms and alleviate any pain associated with them. It will remove allergens, infections, and pollutants from your airway. Furthermore, it helps wash out infection in the sinuses including viruses, fungus and bacteria. You might find that nasal irrigation is so effective you may be able to stop taking preventative medications, including nasal steroids. For others, nasal irrigation will always be a part of the treatment, and medication or possibly surgery may still be required. And for those of you that have had surgery, nasal irrigation will keep the cavities healthy.

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