Be vigilant about food choices


Depending on your particular issues, review the necessary categorys that include information about food and CAID. categorys 10 and 11 outline nutritional information and foods that should be avoided. category 6 reviews foods that you may be allergic to, or that can affect CAID. category 8 also lists foods that are the most common culprits for GERD/LPRD, while category 9 highlights foods that affect snoring.

It is not surprising that you might have noticed that many of the same foods are the culprits that are causing CAID problems, no matter which symptoms across the limbs of CAID you suffer from. Some of the most common foods causing these problems are carbohydrates (including sugars, grains and alcoholic beverages), dairy, foods containing mold (mushrooms, certain cheeses), and caffeine. In my opinion, this is just one more piece of evidence to support the proposition that these diseases are intimately linked.

It is also interesting to me that these same foods and beverages have been linked throughout history to celebrations, excess, and carefree lifestyles. Could our predecessors have known that these foods cause disease and should only be eaten sparingly? Probably not. Yet in today’s culture of easy and inexpensive access to many kinds of food, as well as supersized portions and general overindulgence, we have not learned from experience either. Even though we feel bad while consuming these foods, we continue to eat them. Often, we are our own worst enemies, knowingly eating or drinking something that does not agree with us.

I know that when you first read through the list of no’s in any of the food-related categorys, you might have thought that the requirements
were overwhelming. I agree: They are. Giving up the foods that you love will be difficult. However, you should see some improvement by simply cutting back on the foods that are causing you to feel bad. For example, I love chocolate cake just as much as the next guy and probably more than even my children. But I know that as soon as I’ve finished enjoying it, my sinuses will flare. The congestion, postnasal drip and reflux that I experience will quickly surpass the rush I got from enjoying the cake. Ultimately, I know that it isn’t worth it.

By far the hardest foods to give up are the grains, because they are found in many prepared foods. I tell my patients to try the elimination diet outlined in category 10 and see how they feel. Afterward, they can reintroduce grains; and if grains are not affecting their health, they may not need to avoid them. However, if you notice a direct correlation after your elimination diet, begin by moderating your food choices so that grains are not in more than one meal a day. If you are still uncomfortable, you may need to take the grains out entirely.

If you require medication for GERD/LPRD, be proactive by taking your medication before meals. If you do, you may be able to widen your range of food choices. Proper nutrient supplementation can also help lessen symptoms and improve your quality of life. If you are considering taking supplements, including naturopathic and/or homeopathic remedies (some of which are listed in category 10), I advise you to seek consultation with a practitioner who prescribes these remedies since their administration for the resolution of CAID is complex. You should also discuss these supplements with your primary-care physician and make sure that your entire team is on the same page.

Supplements often take time to begin working, so be patient. It is important for you to communicate how you feel while taking these products with the prescribing practitioner, as well as with the other members of your health team.

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Depending on your particular issues, review the necessary categorys that include information about food and CAID. categorys 10 and 11 outline nutritional information and foods that
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