The Next Culprit: Fungal Infections

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Scientists and doctors used to think that there were three variations of fungal infection. The first was labeled as topical, the second was locally invasive, and the third was systemically invasive. The newest research shows that they are really very similar. We now know that locally invasive fungus is simply fungus that has actually invaded the membranes and the bone. When the same fungus invades adjacent areas, including the brain, the orbit, or the blood vessels then it becomes systemically invasive.

Sinus Tips:
To prevent your body’s immune system reaction, you can make yourself less appealing to mold, so it will become more difficult for it to thrive. One important step can be through
If you believe that mold is causing your CAID symptoms to flare, you will need to follow the protocols outlined in the other categorys of the site for each specific limb. This may
Whatever the cause, be it pervasive mold in your body or in your home, treatment may be necessary. Just as you can get rid of the mold in your home, you will need to rid your body
The good news is that we can prevent mold from affecting your health. Avoidance is often the most important part of treatment. For example, my patient Louise, 61 years old, came in
Unfortunately, mold is everywhere. Thousands of single-cell fungi are found all over the world. Fungal spores (the reproductive part of the organism) become airborne like pollen. M
When you have fungal sinusitis, the toxins can cause enormous mucus production. As this mucus drips into the throat and into the stomach, the stomach will react by producing acid.
This initial hit of inflammation would probably lead you to believe that you had come down with a simple cold.