When the sinuses become obstructed, pressure gradients are created between the closed sinus and the changing air pressure in the environment.

This can cause headaches that range from dull pressure to piercing pain. Sinus membranes are very sensitive to changes in pressure, causing you to feel a significant amount of pain with even a small pressure differential. When the pressure of the world outside the nose is less than the pressure in the obstructed sinus cell then the air in the sinuses expands, applying pressure to the walls of the sinus. Conversely, when the pressure outside the sinus is more than the pressure inside, the pressure in the sinus becomes negative and tugs on the sinus wall, pulling the membrane away from the bony wall. These forces can also cause direct pressure and inflammation on the nerves passing through the sinuses, causing neuralgia, a considerably painful condition. While a deviated septum itself cannot cause headaches, a deviated septum that applies pressure on another part of the nose can be a source of headache pain.

Sinus Tips:
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