Each individual will experience acupuncture differently. For most, acupuncture is relatively painless. You may be aware of a small discomfort once the needles are inserted, and you may experience a sensation of heaviness or mild aching after the treatment. This feeling is often desirable because it indicates that chi has been activated. Typically, results will be evident within six to eight treatments over a 2-month period, although chronic conditions may require longer therapy.

There are many certified physicians who have received additional medical training for acupuncture. You may want to contact the American Association of Medical Acupuncturists or a local acupuncture school or society for more information. There are other acupuncture practitioners who are outstanding, but because they have trained in China or other Asian countries, you may not be able to find them through traditional sources. Instead, you may be able to find them through acupuncture organizations or word of mouth.

Sinus Tips:
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