Acupuncture has been shown to be effective in treating both acute and chronic asthma. In Chinese medicine, asthma is thought to be caused by external wind and cold influences or by excess heat, which is characterized by excessive sputum. The approach to dealing with asthma is relatively straightforward, with treatment directed toward the lung meridian as well as other points generally located on the chest and upper back. The kidney meridian is also related to asthma because it

regulates the downward flow of chi and is used with greater frequency in childhood asthma, for which there is thought to be a greater deficiency of chi.

Sinus Tips:
Functional medical practitioners believe that a low level inflammatory state contributes to bronchial irritability and the likelihood of bron - chospasm. An analysis of 2,000 child
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The following list includes only a few of the substances that functional medicine practitioners use for CAID symptoms. They believe that if taken daily, these nutrients will reduce
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