Chiropractic Care


Chiropractic Care for BodyChiropractic care is an alternative healing method for alleviating the nervous system from any interference, also known as subluxations of the spinal column. Both chiropractors and traditional medical practitioners agree that the nervous system acts as the body’s communication center, sending messages from the brain to the rest of the body through nerve roots.

These messages control our breathing, digestion, heartbeat, excretion, immune system function, glands, muscles, and countless other activities.


Chiropractic care is based on the philosophy that the spinal column alignment and the musculoskeletal system is wholly or partially responsible for many disease states. Chiropractors believe that those with CAID, as well as other disease states, suffer from spinal vertebral misalignment, which ultimately causes the entire body to be out of balance, manifesting as other seemingly unrelated symptoms. The chiropractic treatment realigns the spinal column and the musculoskeletal system, better equipping the body to heal itself When this occurs your symptoms of CAID will clear.

Millions of people with CAID symptoms turn to chiropractic care. I have found the results to be remarkable, and this has been a welcome adjunct to the care that I provide to many of my patients. For CAID, the chiropractic approach is to relieve nerve pressure and inflammation by adjusting the cervical (neck) and thoracic (upper and midback) areas of
the spine. During this adjustment, the bones of the spine are put gently back into proper alignment by the chiropractor. This will take any unhealthy pressure off of the spinal nerve roots thereby allowing the highway of communication to continue unimpeded. When the spine is returned to its proper alignment, many people experience symptomatic relief.

The adjustment is done in various ways, depending on the training of each particular chiropractor. Techniques include hands-on adjusting, use of an activator (an instrument that is placed on the bone and when pressed pushes the bone in place) or drop table, and the sacral-occipital technique. Many chiropractors use trigger-point therapy and/or yoga and stretching along with the adjustment to enhance the body’s response and quicken the healing process.

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