When you see a homeopath, he or she will take into account your constitutional type before prescribing a remedy. This means assessing a person’s physical, emotional, and intellectual makeup as part of the diagnosis. Then a remedy will be prescribed and a course of action outlined.

I have found only two barriers to the use of homeopathic remedies. The first is that only the exact remedy can be prescribed for one’s unique set of symptoms. For example, a remedy needs to be matched to a particular type of headache based on when it occurs, the type of pain, where it is located, and what other symptoms are associated with it. Therefore, it is important for you to find a holistic doctor who has the knowledge to correctly diagnosis your problem so that he or she can match up the appropriate holistic remedy (which can be one or a combination of various products). A proper holistic prescription works well but can take longer to determine than prescribing conventional medicines.

The second barrier is the sheer number of remedies available. Because of their unique nature, there are literally thousands of combinations of homeopathic remedies. Yet for practical purposes only the most
common remedies can be carried by supermarkets or drugstores. To resolve your particular problem, it might be difficult to find the exact holistic products that you need.

Sinus Tips:
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