Homeopathic medicines are products made by homeopathic pharmacies in accordance with the processes recognized by the U. S. Food and Drug Administration. The substances may be made from plants, minerals, animals, or even from chemical drugs. Each of these substances is diluted carefully until little or none of the original remains. Some of the most common remedies for CAID symptoms are as follows:

■ Hepar sulphuricum. Used for later stages of sinus inflammation, when pain is behind the eyes and nasal discharge is thick.

■ Kali bichromicum. Prescribed when there is pain between the eyes, on the forehead, or above one eye, accompanied by stringy nasal discharge. The scalp and facial bones are tender to the touch and pain is worse with cold and/or motion, and improves with warm compresses.

■ Mercurius. Used for sinusitis with thick green nasal discharge or a gripping pain around the head extending to the teeth. Often, this pain worsens with open air, eating, drinking, and extremes of hot and cold.

■ Pulsatilla. Prescribed for thick yellow discharge and is also associated with nausea and indigestion. Symptoms may improve with exposure to cool air or cool compresses and worsen when lying down, especially in a warm room.

■ Spigelia. Given for sharp pain on the left side of the face after exposure to cold weather. Symptoms are aggravated by warmth, light noise, and movement and are relieved with cold compresses.

■ Silica 6c. Used when pain begins in the back of the head and settles over the eyes.

■ Comb q. Used for nasal discharge and general swelling of the sinuses.

■ Nat Mur 6c. Used for a headache that begins at the root of the nose and extends to the forehead and is associated with nausea.

If you are interested in pursuing a homeopathic course of treatment, use the resources at the National Center for Homeopathy at www. homeopathic. org to find a qualified homeopathist in your city.

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