There are two distinct issues for those who suffer from sinus disease as well as other chronic illnesses. First, you need to know if your seemingly unrelated chronic illness is actually causing your chronic airway - digestive inflammatory disease (CAID). Second, you need to know if the treatments you are following for your chronic illness are compatible with the treatments and remedies for CAID. For instance, people with immune disorders (such as systemic lupus), with immunologic deficiencies (including AIDS), or who are taking immunosuppressants as a form of cancer treatment all have special needs regarding sinus disease.

Many different disease processes can cause CAID, including im - munologically based disorders. As we discussed in category 1, the sinuses are intimately involved in controlling the body’s immune functioning. The mucus that the sinuses secrete is rich in various chemicals and enzymes as well as immunoglobulins. Different diseases, and the medications used to treat them, may impair the body’s immune system or decrease its ability to secrete this mucus with normal immunologic function, leading to sinus dysfunction. These disorders, including diabetes, can predispose people to sinus infections.

Sinus Tips:
Tonsil and adenoid issues can also occur with chronic sinus infections with acute exacerbations. For kids with a constant yellow-green mucus and stuffy and runny nose, the infectio
CAID can affect children as well as adults. Very often, children are misdiagnosed by parents and well-meaning pediatricians as having yet another runny nose or just having a cold.
Many older men complain that their nose is constantly running. Others complain that their nose runs when they eat certain foods. This symptom can be treated by your primary physici
I believe that failure to conceive and carry a pregnancy to full term can be caused by changes in body temperature (low-grade fevers stemming from chronic sinus infections), drops
Each stage in life can also affect the course of treatment for CAID. Whether you are currently pregnant, in your later years, or caring for a child, read the following sections to
Some people with congenital heart defects, including those that have had heart valve replacements, a stroke, a blood clot in the legs, or have had complicated surgeries may need to
This initial hit of inflammation would probably lead you to believe that you had come down with a simple cold.