Feeling Better, and Loving It

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By following the guidelines I’ve outlined and choosing your surgeon carefully, I believe that you will find significant relief from your sinus problems. Most of my patients report that they feel so much better after surgery. Of course, it is important to try medical alternatives first and opt for surgery only when it is indicated. Many patients put surgery off because they are afraid. Afterward they typically report that their fears were unwarranted. Many have told me that the surgery was much easier than they thought it would be. Typically, they comment that they did not know why they waited so long to have surgery.

For example, my patient Pat was a 41-year-old executive who was debilitated by her sinus disease. She experienced bad facial pain, postnasal drip with yellow-green discharge, and was unable to breathe at night. As a result, she was always fatigued. Pat had already experienced multiple sinus surgeries by other surgeons on her nasal polyps, but they just kept growing back. She said that she never followed any sort of medical care between surgeries. She went to the doctor only one or two times after each surgery and then was discharged and told to come back when there was a problem. When we described our debridement philosophy, she claimed that it was foreign to her. She said that she was suc- tioned once or twice after each surgery, but that was about it.

I operated on Pat more than 15 years ago, and have kept her on a maintenance course of medicines. Pat follows a healthy diet and exercise
regimen and takes her sinus medications religiously. When she feels a sinus flare-up coming on, she immediately comes back to my office where I can remove the infection - and any returning polyps - quite easily. Pat still has occasional headaches, although they are not as frequent and severe, and they are no longer debilitating. She sometimes experiences sinus congestion, but because she takes care of her symptoms with holistic and traditional treatments, I am able to keep her happy, sleeping well, and relatively pain free. Pat’s experience is much the same as the majority of my surgery patients, and it can be the same for you as well. You don’t have to live with discomfort or sickness anymore. There is a better life waiting for you, if you are ready to take the next step.

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By following the guidelines I’ve outlined and choosing your surgeon carefully, I believe that you will find significant relief from your sinus problems. Most of my patients repor
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