From Head to Toe: Signs and Symptoms of and Conditions Related to CAID


Many people go through life without their sinuses functioning properly. Those of us who suffer from CAID may experience only minor problems; but for others, life can be miserable. Some sufferers have mild symptoms or have a gradually worsening condition, so they think they are well when they actually are not. These people are usually bothered only when they have an acute flare-up.

Worse, they may believe that their chronic symptoms are normal and accept them as a part of life. For example, some people tell me that they frequently expel “normal” yellow-green mucus. Yet, yellow-green mucus is not normal at all! Others tell me that they can never breathe through their nose and always breathe through their mouth, thinking that all people breathe in this manner. I’ve even met people who have told me that they have had “a cold” for over a year! There are others who are frequently bothered by a consistent set of symptoms, which they may find annoying but not quite debilitating. Some seek treatment, whereas others just live with it.

In another scenario, you may have a symptom that may cause further damage or long-term disability and you don’t even know it. For example, sleep apnea, which is also part of CAID, is directly linked to heart disease. Sleep apnea alone is responsible for many heart attacks and strokes. If you don’t recognize the signs and symptoms of sleep apnea and treat it now, it can disastrously affect you later on in life. And even though the snoring with sleep apnea doesn’t cause pain or discomfort, except maybe the constant badgering of a significant other who cannot sleep, the fact is that sleep apnea is called a “silent” killer. By understanding and treating these conditions now, you can avoid the more considerable long-term problems that are more difficult to address later.

On the other end of the spectrum are people who recognize that they are sick all the time. There are those who become so debilitated from their sinus problems that they can’t function. Many of these people go from doctor to doctor and are unable to find relief. They often

suffer from symptoms ranging from chronic fatigue to debilitating headaches. Others can’t breathe at night, and as a result have difficulty sleeping. Others tell me that their spouse or partner complains of their incessant snoring. Others have night sweats, chills, or a low-grade fever. CAID causes a variety of easily recognizable signs and symptoms. You may be experiencing a combination of these signs or symptoms or only one. Your experience with each particular symptom may range from mild to severe, yet the underlying cause is the same: inflammation.

Sinus Tips:
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