Sensation of a Bad/ Foul Smell: Parosmia


Some people can smell a bad or foul odor that travels with them throughout the day. Sometimes the smell is reminiscent of a moldy locker room. Occasionally it will be described as the smell of something burning. Often, the person notices the smell but can’t figure out where it is coming from. While the person suffering from this symptom can actually be exuding this smelly odor, others around them may or may not pick up on the odor - and if they do, they may not mention it. For example, when my sinuses act up, my wife recognizes the odor first thing in the morning. She can differentiate the smell, not as “morning breath” but rather as the smell of infection.

This type of foul smell is almost always an indication of an infection. On rare occasions, it could also be an indication of a tumor near or on the olfactory nerve. Either way, if this is a constant symptom, you require medical attention and an immediate workup.

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