Sinusitis is the first limb of chronic airway-digestive inflammatory disease (CAID), and like CAID, can be caused by infection (bacterial, fungal/mold, or viral), allergies, environmental elements (car exhaust, cigarette smoke, or mold) and/or the anatomical narrowing of the sinuses. The diagnosis of sinusitis refers to an inflammation of the sinus membranes, whereas rhinitis means inflammation of the lining of the nose and turbinates. Inflammation can occur in either of these areas alone or simultaneously: Your doctor might have used the term rhinosi - nusitis to describe your condition.

The signs and symptoms of sinusitis or rhinosinusitis can vary for each sufferer. It’s not uncommon for someone to misdiagnose his or her symptoms as a cold or the flu and self-medicate improperly. Therefore, it’s always important to check with a doctor before taking any over-the - counter (OTC) remedies. Although you may be treating your symptoms with these medicines, you’ll never get rid of the underlying cause and you will continue to feel sick. Your doctor is better equipped to accurately diagnose your problem and then to prescribe the proper remedy so that you will get back on your feet faster.

Luckily, there have been amazing advances in the diagnosis and treatment of all of the limbs of CAID, including sinusitis. There are many new medicines and combinations of medical treatments that can offer you long-lasting relief.

Sinus Tips:
In the past, physicians recommended that their patients with chronic sinusitis and/or allergies move to another part of the country, where the climate was different, thinking that
A balanced diet high in protein, fruits, and vegetables is very important tor patients suffering from CAID. For patients who get frequent infections, I recommend supplementing thei
In the 12th century, the physician Moses Maimonides first prescribed chicken soup as a cold and asthma remedy. People have experienced the same tried-and-true results over the cent
Fungus and mold are always present in the air, so it is reasonable to expect that they are also found in our nasal passages. Recent research at the Mayo Clinic has confirmed this t
Throat sprays are appropriate when you are experiencing a sore throat caused by postnasal drip or during an acute flare-up of a chronic infection. Some products may contain an anti
Nasal emollients and gels allow mucus to glide over dry ciliated hair cells so that it can move through the sinuses with ease. These are useful for soothing your dry nasal membrane
This initial hit of inflammation would probably lead you to believe that you had come down with a simple cold.